About Us



anugrah IN-ORG (P) LIMITED is a responsive organization involved in the manufacturing of various chlorinated chemical intermediates; it is the brainchild of qualified and experienced professionals whose constant endeavor is to develop breakthrough products in conjunction with the best kind of customer services.

Chlorinated products manufactured by ANUGRAH finds applications in major segments of chemical industry viz, organic chemicals, agro chemical, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.
Chlorinated products which are the integral components of agro chemicals and pharmaceutical products are our specialty since we have technological expertise in the particular chemistry. ANUGRAH with the assistance of in-house R & D and engineering saw the optimum capacity utilisation of 6000 TPA.
ANUGRAH was set up in the year 2001 to manufacture Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA) with commercial production capacity of 1000MTPA. Growing customer base in small span forced us to increase our capacities. Rigorous dedicated R & D brought about improved process modifications leading to an unprecedented increase in the capacity to 6000MTPA, with state of the art, eco friendly technology.
Success is the biggest motivation and this technological breakthrough triggered the drive for new product development. Our continued R & D first developed process expertise in the sodium salt of MCAA (SMCA). The subsequent process development for eaters of MCAA (Methyl & Isopropyl) was also achieved.


  • Chlorination
  • Esterification


    Globalization of the Indian economy has led to the development of Global village and consequently a global market. ANUGRAH has stood up to the global market standards and has constantly evolved and progressed to match the international competitions. Exports to United Kingdom, European Nations, CIS Countries, Latin America Contribute to 60% of our total sales.
    Our qualified and experienced marketing personnel provides value added services to serve our valued customer with right products at a right price, assured quality and timely delivery. Thus, eliminating risk of glitches faced by our esteemed customers.


    ANUGRAH has always accentuate on the Quality Assurance and control which achieved us the milestone of ISO 9001-2008 accreditation by TUV Rheinland in 2009 – 10 and now practicing the same quality standards.


  • 15,000 Sq. Meters of land with a greener Surrounding
  • Effluent treatment plant, capabilities for control and check of gaseous emissions
  • Membership of common effluent treatment plant
  • In-House Quality Control Department
  • Stand -By power generator


  • We have in-house testing facilities for all our raw materials and finished products as well as intermediate in Process.
  • Testing equipments include Gas Chromatograph Machines, KF instrument and other automised instruments.
  • Facilities and trained personnel for monitoring safety and occupational health.
  • In-House Quality Control Department
  • Equipped to fight against the adversity.


    Our mission is to expand & continually improve utilizing quality practices & employee involvement to manufacture products & develop the domestic & international niche markets that result in customer & employee satisfaction.